• imposter syndrome
    Journal,  Personal Development

    Facing Challenges

    Facing Challenges: Imposter Syndrome I think that one of the biggest blocks to my writing is Imposter Syndrome. Every day, I’m dedicated to getting at least one thing done I say. Only for that one thing, to be a pretty…

  • Girl Talk,  Journal

    Getting Personal and Book Release News

    Lately I haven’t done much posting on the blog. That’s mainly because of the mental arguments I have with myself on what things I should write or talk about. Some days, I want to talk about just general lifestyle things.…

  • Life Style,  Tips and Hacks

    Reflections on “The First Year”

    KSTW TURNS 1!!! The actual date it turned 1 (first year/live post) was probably between now and the next couple of days. That is irrelevant, the point is the blog is officially a year old! *breaks open wine*. It has…

  • mother's day
    Personal Development

    4 Lessons I learned from Being a Mom

    In celebration of Mother’s Day, I decided to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned since becoming a mother. In case you were wondering, I am a proud mom of 3 amazing kiddos. From becoming a mother at…

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