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Some days I do not feel like getting my day started. Yes, I admit, although I am an early bird, I am NOT always ready to get the worm. So in an effort to pull myself together, I like to grab my phone and listen to a podcast as I begin preparing myself for my day. After only a few moments of listening, not only am I on full alert, but I am also inspired to make the most of my day. Below I have composed a list of some of the many podcasts I listen to that I find inspirational. These are not in any particular order either, I love listening to them all, Enjoy!

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Best Inspirational Podcast to Listen to on iTunes: (in no particular order)

  • Morning Mindfulness- Two Positive Minutes to Start your Day with Dr. JIN
  • Meditation Minis Podcast
  • Affirmation Pod with Josie Ong
  • Behind the Brilliance with Lisa Nicole Bell
  • Myleik Teele’s My Taught You Podcast
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
  • SUCCESS Insider
  • Happy Black Woman Podcast with Rosetta Thurman
  • Eventual Millionaire
  • Brown Ambition
  • The Mom Blog School Podcast
  • Black Girl Podcast
  • The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast with Pat Flynn
  • The Creative Penn Podcast
  • Black Girl Boss Podcast
  • The Author Biz
  • Heart + Hustle Podcast
  • Side Hustle Pro: Female Entrepreneurs
  • The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast
  • The Sell More Books Show: Book Marketing, Digital Marketing….
  • The Code
  • Helping Writers Become Author
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*** Side Note: I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below on your podcast recommendations.

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