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self sabotage

Self Sabotage: Get out of your own way

I’m not sure many people realize this, but self sabotage is very real. It’s also something that you may not even be aware that you are doing. I know I didn’t.

Each day I could see the little ways that I was secretly sabotaging myself.

Before I could begin my blog I needed ideas for topics to blog about. I had every intention of devoting an hour to brainstorming.

Even if I only managed to come up with one idea. I decided I would start gathering ideas from social media. I decided to scroll through Facebook and Instagram, but only for ideas. I didn’t realize I wasted an hour and a half with no real progress made.  I felt deeply discouraged I did not have any ideas. Next I  caught up on one of my favorite shows. As a result, I had wasted almost 3 whole hours of my day.

This made me slightly depressed. As bad as I wanted to become a blog writer, I felt like it must not be something that I really want to do. Otherwise I’d stop putting my energy into everything but what I needed to do.  I was engaging in self sabotage.

underlying insecurities about whether or not I could become successful through blogging.  My actions then reflected those feelings and undermined my desire to blog.  I made a conscious decision to stop myself from self defeating behavior. From here on out, I would take the action I needed to meet my goals.

self sabotage

4 Simple Tips to Help Get you Started NOW

  • I found that creating a list was one really great way to keep track of the things that I wanted to accomplish with my day. I choose 3-5 things to do each day and checked them off the list when they were done.
  • I set alerts on my phone as a reminder to complete the most important goals that I had on my list.
  • I met with an accountability partner, who checked in with me at the end of each week to see how things had went with my goals. (if you don’t know someone who will be willing to be your accountability partner, there are Facebook groups (which are free) and coaching services that will provide this service (for a fee).
  • I also created a schedule for myself to keep track of when I needed to perform each task on my list of goals I had made
  • Bonus- I repeated affirmations out loud every morning, that aligned with how I wanted my day to go and keep me motivated. You can find out more about that by reading my post on them here.

Conclusion: Take ACTION

Once I begin to take steps and put time each day into completing my goals that I had set, the less insecurity I felt about becoming a blogger.

The more effort and energy you put into creating yourself the more confident in yourself and abilities you become and the less likely you will go out of your way to sabotage your own success.

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If staying motivated is more of the issue than actually getting started then my post on Inspirational Podcasts is  a must read!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know if any of this was helpful or even your own personal experience and suggestions!



  1. Oh there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of crossing something off your to do list! Great post Kendra! The only thing you missed is actually identifying you are self-sabotage. I too am guilty of this behavior, but I will also live in denial… the first step to overcoming it is admitting you’re self-sabotaging! Thanks for the post!

  2. Great blog post! Self sabotage is something that is real, and many of us do it with out even knowing it. I love that part about making a check list, I have be using a planner for a few months and I have gotten a lot done. I think it is important to encourage yourself, self affirmation is a great way to do it.

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