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6 things I have experienced from applying affirmations

I know you may have seen a lot of information lately on affirmation and the impact saying them can have on your life. After reading about them in various personal development books, and hearing them mentioned on some of my favorite podcasts, I decided to give them a try. Here are 6 things that I have either learned or experienced since I started:

  • Increases my Energy: Some mornings, not even coffee can give me the motivational push I need to get my day started toward productivity. Saying my affirmation, even if they were only a random 5 (you can find that list here), would give me such an amazing burst of energy.
  • Decreases My Negative Reactions: Before I incorporated a daily affirmation into my routine, I was a naturally (or so it seemed) pessimistic person. Repeating an affirmation daily made me memorize some of the ones that happened to stand out more. In return, in moments where I would normally react negatively to a situation, I would recall an affirmation and it would provide me with a moment of calm. In that moment, I can clearly decide what other better alternative I have to solve the problem instead.

  • It helps to curtail my Anxiety: I literally am a very anxious person, or as my grandmother used to say a “nervous person”. An affirmation helps me to relax that part of my personality, and it is such an amazing relief. My affirmations would even lend me encouragement, if that was something I needed to feel at the time.
  •  Settles my Obsessive Thinking and Behavior: (***sidenote: if you are taking medication, do not supplement medical treatment for this unless advised by your physician) I over-think things times 100,000,000 more than other people, to the point that it drives me to distraction. Using an affirmation helps to redirect my thinking from the non-stop mental worry and chatter.
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  • Reduces my Depression: Everyone has moments where they feel bad or down about something, but I had days where even trying to get out of bed were just too much. I would still eat and drink fluids, but emotionally I just couldn’t function and it would affect my day. Saying an affirmation helped me find the strength I needed to push through all of that mental fog.


  • Boosts my Confidence: We are what we say about ourselves, and that is something that I believe very strongly. I never realized just how much negativity I had to even say about me and who I was as a person. Affirmation helps me to reframe and change the way that I saw myself and it helped to boost my confidence.
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Raises my awareness of Opportunities: I saved this one as a bonus, because with all the wonderful things that I have experienced above view this as a bonus. Amazing opportunities have opened up for me since I started my affirmation practice: job opportunities, financial gain and better relationships with people close to me.

If you are wondering if you should make an affirmation, if you are wondering if they are worth the effort, or even if you’re just curious you should make sure to check out my post on my top favorite daily affirmations, 5 of my favorite wealth and abundance affirmations and my DIY project: Affirmations-On-The-Go. Leave any feedback or comments below.

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  1. Yes! This post is so inspiring. I’ve been working towards mindful living and it’s surprisingly hard to do! I am going to share this with others that I know that are trying to live more positively & more mindfully. Great article 🙂 🙂

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