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Looking for some ideas on how to get started with affirmations? Or Just not sure where to begin? Below is a quick list of affirmations that I personally use in my own life. These are affirmations that I can say, since I have made them a practice in my life, I have experienced so many amazing things! You can read what some of those were, if you missed my last post here. I hope that if you decide to make them a part of yours, that you will experience exciting and wonderful new things as well.

Key Points Before you start your Affirmations:

Some Key Points to Keep in mind before you adopt these affirmations, or any affirmation practice are:

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  • Expect Results from your affirmations, just not instant ones
  • Be patient and take your time choosing the affirmations that are specific to you
  • The more you incorporate the habit of affirmations into your daily life, the easier it becomes.
  • Choose words for your affirmations that feel comfortable to you
  • Yes, you do not have to say affirmations my way, you can say them in your own voice
  • Saying affirmations in your own voice, helps you to remember them most of all.
  • There is no set time to say affirmations just do it.
  • Don’t overthink your affirmations just let them flow
  • Sometimes creating a daily log, or writing down your chosen affirmations helps you to be consistent with them.
  • Last but not least, PLEASE be mindful of your feelings when you say them, because  you want to say your affirmations from a positive place. Your emotions help to create  powerful impact on the words that you choose, and being in a positive mind frame helps to create positive results.

Enjoy! Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how these have helped you in your life.

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