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~Entry 1~


Can I just have ONE lazy day? Or Several….

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Yes, I’m supposed to be a natural nerdy chick, but today I’m just going to be a Lazy nerd. I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to wake up successful, and rich…and successful and being rich wouldn’t hurt either. However, nothing is overnight but damn it where is the cheat sheet? These days it seems like you have to sacrifice so much to just to get ahead. I’m not scared of putting in the time or work at all.  It’s just I’m trying hard not to fall into the writer stereotype. Unfortunately today just so happens to be one those days for me. Self Improvement Tips

Most days I am able to get up, and podcast my way through my 9-5, and I’m motivated and inspired all during my regular working hours. I jot down potential blog posts, and random ideas of how I will bring everything together. Between work, and my random spots of creativity my day literally flies past me.  Afterwards I clock out for the day and let my regular life sidetrack me.

My regular life is anything but regular, but I will talk more about that next time.

I love to read, and I do so much motivational reading it’s coming out of my ears. I get together once a week with my accountability partner, we vibe, we set our goals and I’m ready to conquer my week with everything that I have planned. Then Monday rolls around and my normal daily work grind begins, but my writing does not. Or at least not along the schedule that I have created for myself. It’s almost comical because at the time I set my goals for the week I swear I don’t feel as if I have planned on doing much at all. I mentally chastise myself for doing only what I feel is the minimum, only to end up not even doing that much.

The First Step is Awareness: I have a problem and it’s just I’m lazy

I know that I have what it takes to be a successful writer, author and blogger (or something in the writing category) but I struggle every day to get over my damn self.

I am the biggest obstacle that I face on a daily basis.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

To be Continued…. Stay tuned for the next installment in The Lazy Nerd Diaries.

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