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panic plan

What’s an emergency panic plan and why should i have one?

In the wake of last night’s tragic events, it made me realize just how often public shootings take place. The shooting in Las Vegas at the country music concert is definitely one of the more deadliest ones to date, but it something that is continuing to happen. In these events panic takes place, resulting in an even higher amount of injuries. I know that no one want’s to think about going to a concert and this worst case scenario happening, but it is something that should. At the very least an Emergency Panic Plan should be in place. The purpose of an emergency panic plan is to have an idea of what you need to do, if God forbid, you find yourself in this type of unique situation.

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3 must haves for your panic plan

An emergency panic plan can be a generalized plan that fits almost any situation. No matter where or why you are using it. For the most part things are the same, the only difference would be location.

I am sure that you will probably think of a lot more things to have in your emergency panic plan, but here are 3 things you should have on your list:

  • Medical I.D. : I’m sure you’re scratching your head, and wondering how could you possibly add your medical i.d. to the list. Through your phone of course. iPhones come with an application called Medical I.d. where you can log important medical information in the case of an emergency. This information is available even if your phone is locked, which is also great. Android phones also have this feature. In the event you are injured, lose your memory, or just get misplaced in the panic, your emergency information is easily accessible.
  • Check-In Place: If it is a venue that you are going to alone you should definitely establish someone as your check-in buddy. Designate a time, where if you have not checked in already, someone should call and check-in on you. In case you are unable to be reached, then a secondary check-in measure should be in place. For a group, then a meeting place should be established somewhere around the venue with a designated time. If something were to happen, everyone knows where they should go to meet up at.
  • Exit Strategy: You should always be aware of where your exits are no matter what venue you go. In the event of an emergency, being aware of your nearest exit, and getting there quickly is key. If it eases your mind, create a simple exit strategy that you can use to get through the panicked crowd.

It’s not paranoid to have an emergency panic plan in place. Having a plan in place does not mean that you expect the worse to happen either. It  just means that if something happens to take place, you are prepared.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think makes a good panic plan. Also be sure to check out the Resource page for more list ideas for your panic plan.


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