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What about your friends?


I think there comes a time in our lives where we begin evaluating the relationships we have with others. More specifically the types of friendships we have. This often takes place during the seasons of change. Making the decision to go to college, taking a new position or even starting your own business are a part of the seasons of change. During this period of change, we look to our friends to be our support system.

It may be, during this time you come to realize that your friends aren’t as supportive of your decision. This can be discouraging especially if you are starting your own business. You may also have friends that are supportive of your journey, but you can’t really talk to because they don’t understand it.

It is important to your growth as an individual to make connections with people who are on the same path as you. There are times when you may feel discouraged in your journey and it really helps to have friends that can understand and even help you through that process.

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4 easy ways to find friends on the same mission as you


  • Join a Facebook Group related to what you are into: Facebook groups are a great way to meet people who are interested in the same things as you are. There is literally a Facebook group for everything! I am a member of a few writers groups, business groups and even hobby related groups. The key to successfully meeting people is simply engaging on posts in the group. That’s it! No tricks or gimmicks there. The more actively you participate in the groups, the more people are going to want to know more about you. It is also helpful when you decide to promote something, more people will be supportive of you. *PLEASE MAKE SURE that promotions are allowed FIRST. Most groups have guidelines you must follow or you will be kicked out.
  • Follow People that use similar hashtags: Another great way to find people on the same page using social media is to follow people using the same hashtags. As a writer, I use specific hashtags so that people looking for those things can find me. I also use those same hashtags to locate other similar accounts and I interact with them. If we see that we have a lot in common, then messages are exchanged and friendship is created.
  • Participate in Twitter Chats: Contrary to popular belief that twitter chats are dying, they are still a useful networking tool. I have met some amazing people through participating in a twitter chat. All you do is locate a chat within your interest group and use the hashtag to participate in the discussion.
  • Use an App: If all else fails, there is an app for this. There is an abundance of networking application that are just as useful as social media. Some of these applications may even charge, but they take the guesswork out of making like minded friends. If you need a full detailed list, be sure to check out the Resource page of my blog.

I have been there….


I guess I should mention that I am an introvert that struggles with networking. Most of my friends are not even remotely interested in what I am doing unless it’s about my relationship. For that reason I began my quest for like minded friends. I have met some really cool, amazing and supportive new friends through these techniques. If you don’t remember nothing else from this post and you try any of these methods, there is one important thing you must do: That is simply to engage. Like other peoples posts, comment your thoughts, and share where appropriate.


  1. I moved to Sweden three years ago and have really been struggling to find friends on the same mission as me. I guess the language barrier is a big one to overcome, but I also find it hard to open up about my passions when I’m with strangers. I guess maybe I fear that people might not get or even reject my passions, not sure.

    Was it always easy for you to share your mission with others? Maybe if you know you’re in a group of like-minded people (like a FB group or a Twitter chat) that’s easier.

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