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Introducing five top friday favorites!

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I decided once again to try something different on the blog, so I am introducing my 5 personal top Friday Favorites! This list will contain my top 5 favorites of the week in the following categories:

  • Article
  • Social Media Post
  • Song/Video
  • Product
  • Book

I hope that you enjoy, and feel free to comment your suggestions of things I should include on my next list!

Top 5 Friday favorites for this week

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    I am a member of a couple of blogging groups on Facebook, and once a week we share our latest post with each other to share. This week I came across Melanie J Spark’s blog and her article How to Show Up for Your Audience and Why it Matters really stood out to me. As a writer, author, blogger or any type of creative there are times when it gets really hard to show up. I really loved it because she gives some really sound advice to help you work through those situations.


     I am a fan of so many people on different platforms that it was really hard to decide which post I really enjoyed this week! So for this week I decided to pick my top favorite Instagram post. You can follow the link and see Here. I picked this photo because it embodies the underlying message within my blog. I also happen to completely agree.


     For my favorite video of the week, I decided to go with a video I found on Facebook. I love feel-good video clips and this one definitely will give you all the feels! 5 Halloween Costumes for Ambitious Girls is a really neat video with great ideas for your empowered little girl. I absolutely love the concept and may even use some of them for my own daughter.


    As a tech junkie, one of my newest toys to date is the Apple iPhone 8 Plus.  I have the space gray one, and I am so in love. My product recommendation for this week is this awesome screen protector. I know it sounds corny but here me out, these things are LIFESAVERS! I had cracked the screen and damaged my 6 plus badly prior to the 7 plus. Learning my lesson I invested in this screen protector and it was definitely worth it. My phone looked almost better than new when I traded it in for my new 8 plus because of this. Therefore I recommend it to you, you can thank me later. 

  • BOOK: This week’s book recommendation will come from the non-fiction realm. Although fiction books are home turf, I love a good non-fiction I can sink my teeth into. That’s one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. It will really give you the kick in the pants you are looking for, if your struggle is getting started. It will also keep you going if staying motivated is also an issue. I absolutely loved this book and recommend it for anyone in any stage or area of their life. It is worth the read, and you will not be able to put it down.

Tell me what you think!


Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think about my list! I also look forward to some of your recommendations. Who knows, it may end up being on my next one. In case you missed it earlier, be sure to check out the Quote of the Week!

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