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Entry 3: fear and writers block

lazy nerd

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Hi, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post today. I haven’t done a lazy nerd journal entry in a while so I figured why not today.

Currently I’m rewriting a memoir I plan on re-releasing on Amazon this month. I am also working on a Wattpad novel and have started mapping out a holiday romance I want to release mid November.

Earlier on during the week, I decided that weekends would be my best bet to get most of my heavy writing done. However, so far, not good.

I have not done any of the book writing yet, that I swore I would devote my whole day to. In fact, the only thing I have done with my day today was binge watch a bunch of different shows. In between each show, I’d vow after this episode I’m going to sit down and get my writing done.

Nope, no such luck with that at all.

The honest truth? Laziness mixed with writers block.

I know that I need to get things done, but it has been a struggle.

I can’t say that writer’s block is the entire blame though, maybe it’s also fear of failure.

I’m an avid reader of fiction, and it’s because of that I hold myself to an even higher standard as a writer. I have so many expectations of myself that I am afraid of disappointing me.

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pushing past the fear

lazy nerd

Fear happens to be the biggest component in my personal writers block. When I start letting fear get to me, I stop myself from writing. During this time I have “fear busters” I use to help me push past this block.

  1. Motivational Music Playlist: I am a lover of all things musical, so music will always be my first buster. I created a playlist in Apple Music of all the songs that get me hype, and motivate me. As soon as I start feeling “the fear” I slap on my headphones and turn on my playlist.
  2. Inspirational Posts on Social Media: I follow a lot of accounts on social media that I feel are inspirational to me. The times that I start feeling a block coming, on a quick scroll through my favorite accounts helps me to bounce back. I will include a list of some great inspirational hashtags on my resource  page to use, to find inspirational accounts.
  3. Inspirational Podcasts: In the last year I have developed an absolute love of all things podcast. If i’m feeling a funk coming on, turning on an inspirational podcast will do just the trick. You can find a list of my favorite podcasts to listen to in my blog post Best Inspirational Podcast on iTunes.
  4. Talking to Someone: Sometimes the best pick me up to have is being able to share the fact you aren’t feeling motivated with someone. It can be someone you care about like a friend or family member. It can also be with a mentor, or even a simple post in a Facebook group. Support from others can come in so many ways, and it’s a great boost for me when I’m feeling low.

feeling not so blocked anymore

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writers block

Although the list above are my go to for writers block there is one solution that works every time that should be at the top of the list.

That is, simply sitting down to write.

Writing, and not caring about what is being written is the best way to get through a blockage. It exercises my writing muscle and as I write, so many ideas are drawn to me without my brain straining for them.

In fact, I will conclude this entry because I have so many ideas for my novels and now I’m anxious to work on them 🙂

If this post is helpful make sure you check out Self Sabotage: Get out of your Own Way in 4 Easy Steps for useful tips! Please feel free to leave a comment below about your own struggles with writers block, and things you recommend to get through it.


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