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Halloween is fast approaching, and currently if you still watch t.v. you may see a bunch of Halloween movies. I struggle to make time for t.v. these days, so I love streaming my movies instead. If you happen to enjoy streaming, and are looking for some great Halloween movies you should look no further. Especially if you aren’t looking to scare yourself pants-less this Halloween.

The movies on this list are for the most part kid friendly. However, I would double check the age limit to make sure the movie is appropriate for your child.

This list isn’t just for parent’s though, it’s also for the kids at heart. I would honestly watch these movies even if I didn’t have children.

Top 10 Favorite Family Halloween Movies (of all time)

    • Harry Potter Series

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      I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Seriously. You cannot beat the amazing story line and action in these movies. You have wizards, witches, magical fights, a flying car, dragons and just anything you can imagine. It is a series that is perfect for a movie marathon in, especially as the temperatures cool. I love this series and watch them annually, making them my #1 favorite on the list. I also created a post you can check out on the 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Harry Potter Nerd. This list has some of the coolest gift ideas from remote control wands, to your very own Quidditch set.

    • The Nightmare Before Christmas


    • This Tim Burton masterpiece is one of my MANY favorites of his movies. This movie follows Jack Skelington the king of Halloweentown. Each year the town sets out to make Halloween scarier than the year before. However, Jack questions whether or not he wants to continue scaring people and accidentally wanders into Christmas town. Enchanted by the colorful and cheerful holiday Jack decides he wants to take over Christmas!*** I feel like this Halloween musical is so underrated. If you decide to watch this movie, you are in for a treat
  • Casper

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    Casper is the story of a lonely but friendly ghost, who haunts a mansion called Whipstaff. Through a series of hilarious events Dr. James Harvey and his daughter Kat come to stay at the mansion. As Dr. Harvey attempts to figure out why Casper and his Uncles are haunting the mansion, Casper and Kat become friends.****I absolutely just love watching the friendship bloom between Casper and Kat in this movie. It’s an oldie for sure, but it’s still a goldie. I still cringe when the clock strikes 12 in this movie though. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it and find out what I mean. 🙂

  • Hocus Pocus

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    A prank gone horribly wrong brings 3 garish witches from the 17th century back from the dead. Now they are in a race against time to destroy them before they steal the souls of all the children in town. ***I have never ever been able to get the song from this movie out of my head. In all of the years I have watched it, every time I hear the title I think about the song. “I’ll put a spell on you…” You will fall in love with all of the characters in this Halloween movie. My personal favorite character? Binx of course.

  • Hotel Transylvania (all of them)

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    A hotel for monsters ran by an overprotective father who is also Dracula is my kind of movie. All Dracula wants to do is protect his daughter Mavis from the pain of the outside world. He builds Hotel Transylvania, which is a hotel for monsters that is also ran by monsters. The number one rule at this hotel is: No Humans Allowed. However, a very special human comes along and shows these monsters that all people are not the same. ***This movie is so hilarious and the music keeps you on your toes. My kids can’t get enough of Hotel Transylvania and neither can I, which is why it has made the list!

  • Adams Family: Family Values

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    Although I adore both Addams family movies, Family Values made the list. A family where kids play with torture devices for fun, and spells at the table are normal? Where the butler is a Frankenstein and a hand that doesn’t belong to anyone at all? ***I love the eccentricities in this movie. I guess a part of me has also always loved the “dark side”, and in this movie Wednesday is my favorite character. Her cool intelligence, and disregard for the rules has always appealed to my rebel side. It is a movie I have even shared with my kids and we enjoy it around this time of year.

  • Disney’s: The Haunted Mansion

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    This has to be one of my favorite Haunted house movies of all time. The Evers family are on vacation and stop to check out a possible real estate property (the haunted mansion) on the way. They end up getting stuck, and wind up spending the night in the mansion. I have never imagined that one night could last so long. This movie definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat, but in a good way!

  •  Beetlejuice

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    A newly deceased couple have been scaring people out of buying their house. But one day a family with a morbid girl moves into the house anyways. They become friends with Lydia, but not before exhausting all attempts to scare her parents into moving.***Again, I must have been attracted to “the dark side” because the dark and morbid Lydia was my favorite character. Not to mention I thought it was cool that she could see the ghosts in the house.

    halloween movies

  • Paranorman

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    Norman is a boy that can see ghosts, and his family doesn’t understand him. No one, except his crazy old uncle. A 100 year-old curse begins to unravel and it is up to Norman and his ability, to save the town. ***This movie is also very funny, but it also teaches a lesson on accepting other people’s differences.

  • Monsters Inc.,

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    Monsters Inc. is a really awesome story about Mike and Sully, the two top scare-ers at Monsters Inc. Their job is to power the city through the screams of scared kids. During a scare, one child slips through the door! ***Monsters Inc. is such a heartwarming movie as you watch Mike and Sully bond with boo. I literally cry every time when I watch the ending.


This list was difficult…

Until I started this list I did not realize just how many amazing Halloween movies I actually liked. If you haven’t seen the movies above make sure to check them out. If I missed one that you think should have made the list be sure to leave it in the comments! 🙂

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