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10 “Spooky” Halloween Decor Finds at Target 2017 Season

Have a party coming up and need some great Halloween decor? Or just wanting to deck out the house to scare some trick or treaters this year? Target definitely has you covered. From cute chic decorated pumpkins to creepy talking skeleton fortune tellers, target has decor to fit any style.

  • Day of The Dead Collection

  • Day of the Dead Male Figural Large: This whole collection is amazing and vibrant. There are Day of the Dead male and women figures.
  • Day of the Dead Painted Pimpkins: Festively painted somber pumpkins that celebrate Day of the Dead. So many cool designs to choose from!
  • Halloween Nocturne Party and Decor Collection

    This collection features a lot of really cool items that would make a perfect addition to your Halloween display. Some of the more notable items were:

    • The Halloween Spooky Victorian Phone: plays a creepy voice and laugh when picked up.
    • Halloween Floral Cloche: reminiscent of the wilting rose in Beauty and The Beast. Lovely though creepy and it’s sure to add a beautifully somber touch to your display.
    • Halloween Snake Hourglass with Black Sand: a wicked item to add to any Halloween decor. It provides the perfect compliment for a table built for sorcery fun.
    • Halloween Nocturne Lenticular Wall decoration: a creepy classical piece for your Halloween mansion decor needs. Display it on the wall behind your treat table, or on the sides of your “eerily” decorated fireplace.
    • Halloween Rotating Movie Projector: an eerie playing projector that is activated by sound. It includes real antiquated projector sounds as it plays rotating skeleton heads and ghosts.
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    • Skeleton and Tombstone Party Decor

      • Halloween Hanging Shaking Skeleton: Nothing says Halloween decor like a hanging skeleton that shakes. Make your trick or treaters jump out of their skin with this cool accent addition.
      • Halloween Skeleton Fortune Teller: A skeleton in a booth that just so happens to tell your future? Yes, it is available at target and it’s sure to give your tricksters a real treat.
      • 5ft Halloween LED 3 Function Hanging Spider: It’s a spider, enough said. It will definitely get your guests attention, as this big furry guy has some pretty cool lighted features.

Great Decor All in One Place

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the Halloween decor was at target! In fact, I plan on putting together my own party table for Halloween. I will post my finished pic in the comments after Tuesday! If you guys happen to put together your own Halloween treat tables, feel free to share your finished product pics in the comments also! If you are already over Halloween and looking for some wizardly gifts for that special someone in your life, be sure to check out my post 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Harry Potter Nerd!

Happy Decor-ating! 🙂

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