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Inspirational Quote of the week

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Inspirational Quote of the week

End your Procrastination Today

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Bend your reality to your will

This week’s inspirational quote comes from Sylvia Plath on creativity. As creatives we are often our biggest critic. Especially when we spend a lot of time comparing our work to someone else’s. In doing so, we invite self-doubt into our lives, and that can harm the work we do. I love this quote from Ms. Plath because it’s a reminder that when we doubt our selves we sabotage our creativity. Which will then produce poor quality work anyways. If you’re going to do something about your goals this week, put your all into it. Don’t worry about what anyone will think about it except yourself. If you don’t truly believe in the work that you do, things will never turn out the way you want them.
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For this week’s inspirational quote, I am including an inspirational video on unleashing your creativity! If you really loved this week’s quote make sure to check out these two other posts: Motivational Quote of the Week and Quote of the Week!

Enjoy and please leave me a comment below and let me know what your creative goals are for this week!

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