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Day 8 of Gratitude Challenge

Today is the the 8th day of the 30 days of Thankfulness challenge. I am thankful for all the help that I have received from other people during my blogging and writing journey. Some people have provided encouraging words, others actual hands on mentoring.

To show these people that I am thankful for their help in my life, I am creating this post! There are way to many to name on here, so expect an e-mail, text and or card in the mail from me soon.

Accepting help from others


During the journey of being an entrepreneur in the beginning everything is extremely exciting. You are filled with so many hopes and dreams, and you are optimistic about everything.

But there is one mistake newbie entrepreneurs make, and it usually leads to discouragement. In most case scenarios, many new business owners actually end up quitting their businesses.

That mistake? Thinking that they have to do everything ALONE.

Why? Because you don’t have to! There are so many resources out there available to you.

That optimistic feeling you had in the beginning? Never lose sight of that. Your attitude also plays a major part in the opportunities that appear in your life. When you have a positive outlook, you become more alert to the actual doors that are open around you.

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I will have my Resources page completely updated by next week with some helpful tools to keep you on track! If you happen to need to hear some encouragement feel free to e-mail me through the contact page! If you have any suggestions for things that helped you out when you started your entrepreneur journey, leave it in the comments below.

I leave with you a thought, that I think embodies what I feel today PERFECTLY 🙂 Don’t forget to tell us what you are thankful for today, if you are participating in the challenge!

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