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Gratitude day 19

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books to read

Although I haven’t posted on it every day, I have still been participating in the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. Today, I am thankful for the things that I have learned from reading. Last year, I went through a rough patch in my life and was really struggling to get through it. It also didn’t help that the holidays were also bringing out the worst in me that year as well. However, I found my saving grace through reading. I had always been a passionate fiction reader, but last year my love of non-fiction was born. I particularly found solace through books about self-improvement and personal development. Below, is a list of 4 really great books I read, that I think you would enjoy reading this holiday. Maybe you are looking to improve your life, or learn more about yourself. You may even be dreading the return to work after the holiday, and need some motivation to get through. Either way, this short list has you covered.

4 Positive Books to Read this Holiday

books to read

If one of your weak areas involve procrastination, this book is definitely for you. I talk about getting past those areas in my posts Self Sabotage and Self Improvement Tips and this book was one of the ones to inspire that post. This book contains a treasure trove of tips to help you get and stay on track.

Sometimes the biggest block to our success in life is lack of self confidence. You are a Badass demonstrates how important having a powerful personal belief system can lead to not only happiness but success. The stories along the way will reinforce that belief and inspire you to take charge of your life. I also briefly mention this book again in my post Five Top Favorites.

In general, as human beings we define intention as the act of deciding on some action until success is achieved. However, this book looks at intention as energy that you are connected to. In fact, this book actually views intention as the energy that is already out there that you can tap into to become a co-creator of your life. It’s an interesting read, and one that you will have to form an opinion on yourself. From my personal standpoint I agree with a lot of these principles and have actually seen a lot of them in action in my own life.

This book is an amazing read. One that I definitely found helpful as I went through my own painful experience. In this book 13 principles are outlined, and with each principle a story is shared along with helpful ways you can apply them to your life. My favorite principle from the book I’m currently using is: “They don’t shy away from Change”. Why? Because it embodies the fact that change happens and sometimes its even unavoidable. Instead of pushing against it, the best thing you can do is to embrace it and learn from it.

During this short break, If catching up on reading is one of your goals, then these books are worth reading. I’m a pretty fast reader so I was done with them between a couple of days to a week. However if you are just too busy to sit and read (which you should always MAKE time to read) then you can also find the audio versions of the books online.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what books you plan on reading this season.

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