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Feeling Unmotivated and Uninspired

End your Procrastination Today
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Have you ever had so much on your plate that instead of getting it done, you found a million reasons why you just couldn’t?

I think I just about used up the book this week. Probably made a million excuses why I absolutely just could not get any writing done. Not to mention I also discuss this experience on Naturally Nerdy Chic.

Since I have a part-time job, I tell myself that I will make the time to work my blog after I leave work. However, my home life can make that a difficult accomplishment. Nevertheless, I knew that I had the time available to write, and yet I made excuses not to. Reflecting over the weekend, I realized I let an entire week pass me with nothing I could really show for it. I admit, it even had me feeling a little bummed out about everything.

I faced the familiar questions of whether or not I can really handle my dreams.

 Lessons being uninspired taught me

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  • You can’t force inspiration

If you just absolutely feel as if you cannot produce anything of value, then don’t. This by no means detracts from “Just do it” or “Sit down and Write”. I’m saying, if after trying, or making an honest attempt, you still can’t feel motivated to produce then don’t. The most poignant creations were made during moments of genuine inspiration. It’s something that if you even TRY to force, it would probably wouldn’t add anything of value. When I tried to force myself to sit down and write, everything I wanted to say didn’t make any sense. I felt dread, instead of pleasure and thrill at getting ideas out. Eventually I just said f’ it (seriously) and accepted the fact that I just wasn’t inspired and that was ok.

  • You don’t have to beat yourself up about it

There is no shame in experiencing moments where you’re just uninspired. It’s so easy to look at what our peers are doing, and think we should be doing that too. However, we are all on different paths, and our journeys have all started at different times. When you hit that time where you just can’t, don’t focus on what your friends are doing. Focus on yourself.

Your mind is clearly giving you signs that you need to step back. Accept that, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing because you are on a different timeline.

*****If you are looking for some inspiration when you are uninspired check out my post of the week!

The End of Blogmas….

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No, Blogmas is not over, but it is definitely over for this blog. I attempted, although miserly and failed miserably. I accept my short comings, and I did enjoy participating. It’s my hope to participate again next year. Who knows? It may become a goal for next year from me. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on goal setting for the New Year!

If you are still participating in Blogmas, leave your blog in the comments below! If you have felt uninspired, what things did you do to get through it? I’d love it if you would share it in the comments!

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