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Bringing Friday Favorites into 2018!

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What better way to kick off the first weekend of the year, than with Friday Favorites! If you’re a newbie to the blog, then let me give you a quick run down. Friday Favorites is a list of five categories:

  • Article
  • Social Media Post
  • Song/Video
  • Product
  • Book

You can also check out the introduction post, and previous Friday Favorite Post! It will give you a better idea of what you can expect each week! If you have any suggestions for anything in these categories, please email me through the contact page! I’m always open to checking out interesting content!

Friday Favorites This Week

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This week, pick for article comes from xoNecole.com! This happens to one of my favorite blogs to read, because the topics are for millennial women. Although I love the focus of topics for women of color, I also love that it’s still a pretty diverse blog! This week’s article discussed ways to cope with seasonal depression. Once a part of time, depression was a BIG part of my life. So much so, that I struggled a lot, and my life’s pretty chaotic so depression was constant. I think that this article has some pretty great tips though, and you guys should check that out here!

Social Media Post

As the proud owner of Naturally Nerdy Chic, you can expect me stanning for my blog periodically. This is one of those times. This week’s social media post comes from Instagram! It actually fits along the topic vein of self care. Except this post addresses anxiety instead of depression. I am actually one of the many people who has had both anxiety and depression. So I felt a really deep connection with this post.

If you agree, feel free to like the post, and even follow my account on Instagram!


I am a pretty big Bruno Mars fan, so I decided to devote my song and video post to him for this week! A few days ago he released the remix to his song “Finesse” with Cardi B. I actually love the 90’s vibes that they have in this video. Especially since they’re dancing on a set that closely resembles “In Living Color”. As usual, you can actually view the video in question below. If it’s not your style, make sure to comment and tell us what song made your playlist this week!


Now that the holiday’s are officially over, I’ve had to check out some new products. I really struggled this week over what my favorite product is, but I have officially decided. This week’s product pick is the Amazon Echo Dot. I love it because it’s so small, but it picks up sound extremely well. It’s very easy to use, and it works great with my Fire stick. Not to mention the kiddos love screaming for Alexa to play their favorite songs and shows with ease. If you haven’t already, head over to Amazon and check it out.


This week my reading actually comes from Audible. I love reading, but with work, the blogs and kids sometime sitting down can be pretty tough. Audible gives me a handsfree way to get some of that reading done. I can listen pretty much anywhere, and I absolutely love it. I am currently listening to Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. It’s a great book to check out if you’re trying to become a better negotiator. You’d be surprised how useful a lot of these tactics are not only in a career setting, but your home life too. If you’re interested in listening to it, then head over there and download it today! If you use the link below, you can get two audiobooks FREE! That’s actually how I got started with audible, and I don’t regret it. I have been able to listen to some of the most popular books out! and the best part, is if you decide you don’t want the service after you get your two books, you can cancel at no charge! That means 2 absolutely FREE audio books. Not to mention that Audible also hosts a bunch of great podcast stations also completely FREE. I’m sorry the post ended with a slight pitch, but I just really love this service.

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That concludes this weeks Top Friday Favorites! If you have any suggestions that you would like to see featured, email me through the contact page! I’m always looking for new content, and if you have something useful you should definitely share it!

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