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The Struggle is real…

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Yesterday I was thinking about giving up on the blog portion of my website. After all my first love in writing, is telling stories. I told myself that I would give up blogging on this site (I’d still maintain Naturally Nerdy Chic) and concentrate on my upcoming book releases. I actually even wrote a rough draft blog post to that effect. It didn’t help that my site was also having some issues either.

That was yesterday. Today however, I realized that it was something that I didn’t want to do. Sure it’s difficult at times, managing my blogs. Plus making time to work on my novels, can really be a pain sometimes. But, I really love and enjoy the blog portion of my website.

I love the positive energy that it brings, and I don’t think I’ll let it go any time soon. I admit, there will be times I won’t post for a couple of days, but I will keep up the blog.

Choosing Not To Give Up

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I say all of that to say, that there will be days when giving up seems like the right thing to do. I’m not speaking on unhealthy and hurtful situations either. I’m talking about when you have started something: a project, a fitness routine, a diet change, or one of your many other goals. Then life happens while you’re working on your goal, and you tell yourself “maybe it’s just not a good time.”

You many even come up with a million logical reasons too, on why you should give up. I know, because I had convinced my own self with logical reasons.

No matter how much giving up may make sense to you, that does not mean that you should. After all you, yourself went through the trouble to create this goal. You did that because you knew deep down inside that this was something you had/wanted to do.

When I thought about giving up this week, I thought about how hard I’ve already worked. I have come along so far, and I’m really proud of all the work I’ve put in. Although, I am struggling to get to where I want to be, I have worked way to hard to give up or stop.


I think that when you feel like you should give up, that take 60 seconds to reflect on what you have done so far. You will probably realize that you have already done some major work and giving up will seem so silly.

To be honest, I felt like giving up after working so hard was like slapping myself in the face. Why on earth would I do that to myself? So as we continue forward into 2018, let’s all do our best to stay on top of our goals!

For those that have set goals for 2018, how are things going so far for you? I’d love your input or even to hear what your goals are! Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!


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