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Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection

If you are an HGTV fanatic like me, then I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the show “Fixer Upper”. ¬†Target actually created the Hearth and Hand collection in collaboration with the show’s stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

As a lover and watcher of the show, I was extremely pleased with this collection. They have some really nice pieces, and the best part: They’re affordable too! The collection is very warm, and has a nice family feel to them.

There is one important detail about this collection that I find so amazing: With each purchase made from this collection, a percentage is donated back to the community! So not only are there some beautiful items to add to your home, but you’re also helping to make a difference too.

I also happen to like the collection so much, I am going to give you a list of which items were my favorites!

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Hearth & Hand Soy Candles

$12.99 ea.

You will hear me mention this a million times on the blog, but I have a candle obsession. I am especially crazy over soy candles. The Juniper Water & Aloe candle smells absolutely amazing. It’s so fresh with a light sweetness to the scent. The collection features four other amazing scents that also will give your house that “no place like home” smell.

House Lantern Small- Black

$19.99 ea.

These Small House Lanterns may be little, but they give off major style! You can use them as a candle holder for your favorite scents. Or, if you’re a creative, then you can turn it into a holder for something else instead! Use them as the center piece for your entry way, or coffee table too. The possibilities are literally endless.

Galvanized Goat Bookends

$19.99 (set of 2)

Don’t let the look of these bookends fool you, they’re actually not that heavy! These book ends will definitely attract the eyes of your guests. With a rustic, handmade look, they will ¬†update your bookcase and give your house that homey feel.

Stoneware Pitcher- Cream


Another piece that can be mistaken for Handcrafted, this Stoneware pitcher is actually multifunctional. This pitcher can be paired with flowers for a southern charm decor look and used as a center piece. However, you can pair it with an ice cold beverage and use it as a serving pitcher at your next meal instead!

Metal Storage Bin Medium-Black


With all of the knick knacks I have in my home, I absolutely love small storage items like this bin! Not only is it stylish, but it can pretty much hold all your random items. In fact, you can also use it as a mini-book shelf, to hold your current reads in a chic way!

Glass Belly Vase with Hand-folded Rim


Let this vase be the focal point in the room, with it’s eye catching shape! It helps continue the feel of home, and you can increase that by adding flowers, or stones. This piece will definitely complement almost any look, depending on how you use it.

Do you watch Fixer Upper? If so have you checked out the Heart and Hand with Magnolia collection yet? If so, tell us which pieces were your favorites in the comments below!

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