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For my fashion week fans, want the look but on a budget? Don’t worry me too! That’s why I am always looking out for things on the affordable side.

During this year’s Fashion Week, there were some noticeable trends in the Street Style category. Find out below what styles to pay attention to, and how you can also find it on Amazon for a great price!

The Look: Fiddler Caps

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Amazon Price: $8.60- $15.75

Fiddler Caps make the perfect compliment to any look! Especially when you pair it with either a refreshed leather jacket or something pink!

The Look: Pink Outerwear

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Amazon Price: $45.99

Pink obviously stole the show this year, as most covered up from the chill in it! Amazon has a great selection on pink outerwear, that will have you runway ready!

The Look: The Pant Suit

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Amazon Price: $58.57- $99.99

The pantsuit look swept Fashion Week, like a storm. This frequently featured outfit can be dressed up of course, or styled into a sleek chic street look.

The Look: Leather Jackets with a Twist

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Amazon Price: $42.00

Refreshed jackets was another item spotted a lot during Fashion Week. Simply adding some embellishments to a leather jacket, will give it that refreshed charm!

What were your favorite fashion week looks this year? Leave a comment below on which styles you’re watching this season!

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