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One of my goals for this year, is actually an extension of my goal for last year: To leave negativity behind me. I call it an extension, because leaving negativity behind isn’t just a one time deal. It’s something that is an ongoing process.

Detoxing Your Life is Difficult and Ongoing

Why is detoxing from negativity ongoing? For the following reasons:

  • Old Habits Die Hard

    From my own personal experience being pessimistic was a characteristic of mine, that was as natural as breathing. I had also been that way for a very long time. It’s not humanly possible to go from constant negativity to instant positivity all of the time. Or being able to quickly shift yourself into a more positive mind frame. I am constantly catching myself all of the time. Sometimes I may not even realize that I’m in negative rut for a couple of days or even weeks. However, once I am aware I’m in that state I can begin making changes to make that shift.

  • The People Around You Aren’t Supportive

    Not everyone will be supportive of your decision to shift away from a negative mindset. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Not everyone will show their disapproval though right away. It may take weeks, months or even years for someone to finally say something along the lines of “you’ve changed” or “you’re not fun anymore”. I don’t know about you, but negative energy is more draining then entertaining to me. You need to have people in your life that will not only be supportive but compliment the positive energy you want in your life.

  • It’s not Always Easy to Find the Positives

    Let’s just be honest here, it will NOT always be easy to “look on the bright side”. That’s a concept that should be understood and embraced early on in your journey. Realizing that will help you work through the difficult times just a little bit easier. However, releasing negativity involves a lot of acceptance.

Ways To Deal With Going Through A Difficult Life Detox

  • Commit yourself to the Challenge

This step should be done BEFORE you begin doing things to release negativity from your life. Establishing within yourself that you will commit yourself to this challenge helps to motivate you. Especially when things become difficult, because it will most certainly have it’s moments. How do you go about making that decision?

  1. Write it out on an index card and stick it on your fridge, or someone where in your house where you can see it frequently.
  2. Post your commitment on a sticky note and keep it in your car or wallet
  3. Create a note in your phone, and attach an alarm to it, that will remind you about it during the day.
  • Use Affirmations

If you’re new to the blog, then you definitely want to check out my previous post on this topic: Affirmation and the 6 Amazing things I experienced; It will give you a better understanding of why I feel that this is so vital. However, using affirmations are a great and amazing tool to help reinforce positivity in your life. I really find it helpful to me when I’m experiencing a difficult situation and I’m struggling to process things. It serves as a powerful reminder that I can and will make it through my tough time. It also helps to supercharge positive emotions, which is an amazing bonus. If you’re not sure where to start with your affirmations, my post Affirmations to Get Started is helpful for that. You can also look for some powerful affirmations to use in my inspiration of the week posts too!

  • Tap into your Relationships

Most people have at least ONE person in their lives that they can turn to for support. When detoxing yourself from negativity is hard, tap into the positive energy of your relationships. It feels great to have the encouragement of someone you trust during this process. If you don’t have anyone at all in your life that is supportive, then please read my post How To Find Friends on the the Same Mission As You. There are some very useful tips to help you through that. You can also subscribe to the blog for an additional dose of positivity and inspiration sent to you!

These are tips are proven to be helpful when detoxing your life is challenging. Understanding that it won’t be easy is key. However, it is so necessary in most cases. I find myself detoxing regularly, because in life, change is inevitable. That includes the people in your life too. Since things are always changing (myself included) new situations present themselves to test my resolve. However, following my commitment to positive change, I am determined to push through it no matter what.

Are you in the process of detoxing the negativity in your life? If so what areas of your detoxification do you think will be the most challenging for you? If you have already undergone a detox in the past, what are some things you have found helpful? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!


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