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Once again, it’s the beginning of a brand new week! We have another opportunity to be, do, and have the things we love in our lives. Inspiration of the Week gives you the empowerment you need to meet and exceed your goals! If you’re a newbie to the blog, make sure you check out my previous Inspiration of the Week post!

Motivational Quote

This week’s motivational quote comes from one of my favorite authors Dr. Wayne Dyer. If you haven’t heard of him, then his books would be a great place to start. I would personally like to recommend starting with “The Power of Intention“. It’s a great read that explains what intention is and ways that you can harness that energy to create the life you deserve. I chose this quote because it is reminder that your life is a reflection of your outlook. If you have a negative view of things, then negative situations are all you will see and pay attention to. In fact, you will unconsciously look for those things. However, having a positive outlook opens your life up to all of the amazing opportunities around you.

Inspirational Social Media Post/Video

This week’s Inspirational Social Media Post/Video comes from Actor Will Smith. He explains the difference between something being our “fault” versus something being our “responsibility”. It’s a great video to watch, because he does an excellent job of explaining the difference between the two. Even I admit, I hadn’t even thought about how different they were either until now. I also found this video motivational as well, and I hope it helps to inspire your week ahead.


 Inspirational Read Excerpt

Currently I am reading “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne, Author of “The Secret“. If you haven’t read The Secret yet, then I suggest that you start out with that first. It’s an amazing book, that has been turned into a movie that you can find on Netflix!  The power is a book that talks about (again) the amazing power we have inside of us to create lasting change in our lives. This excerpt is one that I think fits the theme of this week’s inspiration:



Inspirational/Motivational Podcast

This week’s Motivational Podcast comes from Success Insider. I happen to be an avid listener of the show and that’s why I recommend it! No affiliation necessary, it’s a great podcast. The podcast shares not only tips to help you become successful in business by life as well! They also host a variety of inspirational interviews with other successful entrepreneurs. If you’re needing something to give you that extra kick to get through the week, then this is definitely it!

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