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New Season, New Energy, New Goals to Meet…

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Spring is almost here, and with the new season comes new beginnings! For some that can mean an extra burst of energy. Not to mention that Daylight Savings Time will also give us some more time in our day.

The advent of Spring, is also a time of being reborn. In fact nature is proof of the lovely cycle of rebirth, as flowers blossom and leaves reappear on the trees.

So with the season comes new changes. However, as I mentioned in earlier blog posts, change can be very hard. Especially when it involves moving out of familiar territory into the unknown. Often times, people struggle with making the transition.

In light of that, I have a compiled a  short list of some helpful hacks to help you through it! I have actually had a little practice with these myself, so I know for a fact it works. After all, it has helped me push past my own zone, to compose this post today!

Tips to Hack your Comfort Zone

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  • Take Baby Steps towards your Courage Zone

Steps, no matter how small MATTER. So even if all you’re doing is taking baby steps out of your comfort zone, then by all means do it! You will not get out of there any other way. Find your Courage Zone, and take baby steps in that direction. Your courage zone exists just on the other side of your comfort zone, right next to your dream or goal. Simply because it takes a lot of courage to pursue your dream.

  • Stay Away From Your Zone of Fear

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary enough, and there’s really no easy way to avoid it. However, stay away from the things that absolutely fill you with dread. If you leap head first into something that scares you, it can take you further away from where you want to go. This is why taking baby steps are so important. Leaving your comfort zone is literally the last thing you want to do, however on the other side of that is your wildest dreams.

  • Vulnerability is Key

You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. In the past “tough it out” may have been the mantra of choice, but not anymore. Allowing yourself to become vulnerable will help you approach the blocks that keep you stuck inside your comfort zone. By confronting your personal challenges that keep you stuck, it gives you the courage to keep taking those baby steps. I actually recommend reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown, on how powerful being vulnerable really is, and the impact it can create in your life.

What dream is waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone? Let us know in the discussion area of the comments.

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