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mothers day

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, I decided to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned since becoming a mother. In case you were wondering, I am a proud mom of 3 amazing kiddos. From becoming a mother at the young age of 18 to now, I have experienced so much.

Here is my list of my top 4 most important things I have learned from being a mom.

4 Lessons I Learned From Being a Mom

mothers day

  • Patience is Seriously a Virtue… And I am not a saint and that’s ok

With kids, you have got to have tremendous patience. I have watched my kids say, and do things that had me either frustrated, scratching my head in confusion, or trying really hard not to blow a leak. I admit, I am not perfect, but I have come a long way with that.

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mothers day

  • To Be More Responsive and Less Reactive

I was raised by grandparents, who were pretty old fashioned. It also influenced the way I raised my kids. Not to mention it wasn’t getting me anywhere with my kids. I decided to make it a point to not only practice patience, but to work on my response to things too. Being more responsive helped me build better communication with my kids.

  • To Set Realistic Expectations

For some reason I had this blurred concept in my mind of how kids should be. In my humble opinion I don’t think I was a bad kid growing up, but my relatives would beg to differ. However my own perceptions affected my expectations for my kids. So much so, that I didn’t realize just how unrealistic they were. I was making myself angry and frustrated, for no real reason. Plus, it was probably stressing them out as well. Taking time out to understand my kids and their needs helped me to shed my misconceptions. It helped me not to judge harshly or be critical towards my kids, when something they did fell along those lines.

  • ¬†Although your Kids are a reflection of You, You must allow them to be themselves

This last one kind of goes along with setting expectations of your kids. I think a lot of us get really caught up in how we raise our kids, being a reflection of us as a parent. This is true. However, as kids become older, they tend to start walking their own path. I learned to allow my kids to be themselves, and to not judge who they were becoming based off of my own expectations of them. I want the same as any parent, for my kids to be successful, and well-adjusted, but more importantly I want them to be happy.

If you’re a mom, or a parent, what are some things that you learned from the experience? Please leave a comment below on the #1 lesson you have learned.


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