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Lately I haven’t done much posting on the blog. That’s mainly because of the mental arguments I have with myself on what things I should write or talk about. Some days, I want to talk about just general lifestyle things. Other days, it’s a struggle to even start.

However, as you guys already know, I love a good podcast. I have recently added a couple of writer podcasts to my deck. They have been amazing for quick tips and inspiration to get going.
It was actually a podcast episode from Write Now with Sarah Werner, that has me creating today’s blog post.
I have made the decision to definitely get more personal with my own writing journey on here. Vulnerability in anything requires a lot of courage, so know that becoming more open is not easy.
I hope that I help to inspire everyone reading though. As well as provide a realistic window into the new author’s world.

First, I would have to get a book published. That is one of my goals for this year. In fact, I would love to publish three books this year. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually the books I promised to publish last year.
They are still currently “in utero” phase of development, and that’s due to personal setbacks of my own devices.

It is my personal hope you guys, to release Heartbreaks and Comebacks by September 31st. Following up with Never Been to Venus by in late November, and for the third book I have not made a final decision.

I am super excited for everything that is upcoming. Look for more details in the first installment blog post in the “New Author’s Trek: Writing The Book” journals.

I also hope to launch my Author’s youtube channel very soon.

Super excited to be on this journey with everyone! Don’t be shy either, leave a comment below and let me know how you feel or that you were here!


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