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Facing Challenges: Imposter Syndrome

imposter syndrome

I think that one of the biggest blocks to my writing is Imposter Syndrome.

Every day, I’m dedicated to getting at least one thing done I say.

Only for that one thing, to be a pretty quote and message for my Instagram page.

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I don’t tumblr, or tweet as often as I want to either.

Doing simple things for social media, doesn’t intimidate me. I actually love creating them, and it’s something that I could do all day long. But writing down the wonderful stories in my head? Not so easy.

My inner child is probably screaming at me inside. She probably doesn’t believe that this is something the great me, would struggle with.

Alas, tis’ true I’m afraid. Yes, I’m quite afraid, to write and disappoint myself.

I’m afraid to write, and be bad at it, even if that’s the only way I will get better at it.

imposter syndrome

End your Procrastination Today

So I impede my progress daily, hoping for the ray of light to spark the writing flame.

Today is different from most days however. For the simple fact, that today I did it. Well not exactly, but I did write something today. For that in itself is facing challenges.

I thought about making a generic evergreen monetized post instead. However, I am committed to you guys getting to know me, to understand my writer’s journey. So today’s post is me, being my authentic and real self.

This is my story, and this is how I like to tell it.

Also a quick announcement, I will not make my deadline to release Heartbreaks and Comebacks this month.

I admit it’s been a struggle. I am committed to getting the story finished and will shoot for October instead.

Wish me luck! I am hoping to bring a new, fresh and interesting old story for you all to enjoy!

If you aren’t following me, check out my social media pages for inspiration. Mostly, for myself but I love that others are inspired as well.

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