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When Undergoing a (Life) Detox is difficult

  One of my goals for this year, is actually an extension of my goal for last year: To leave negativity behind me. I call it an extension, because leaving negativity behind isn’t just a one time deal. It’s something that is an ongoing process. Detoxing Your Life is Difficult and Ongoing Why is detoxing …

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Fashion Week: Trending Street Styles Available on Amazon

  For my fashion week fans, want the look but on a budget? Don’t worry me too! That’s why I am always looking out for things on the affordable side. During this year’s Fashion Week, there were some noticeable trends in the Street Style category. Find out below what styles to pay attention to, and …

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Home Finds: Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection

  Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection If you are an HGTV fanatic like me, then I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the show “Fixer Upper”. ┬áTarget actually created the Hearth and Hand collection in collaboration with the show’s stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. As a lover and watcher of the show, I was …

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Day In: 7 Ways to Get Comfy

Weekends are for Relaxation After a long week with work, kids, extra-curricular activities, and more work by Saturday, I’m usually beat. Crowding the weekends with activities create a nice distraction too, but some weekends are just for taking it easy. In fact, my preferred past time, is actually curling up on the couch and getting …