Day In: 7 Ways to Get Comfy


Weekends are for Relaxation After a long week with work, kids, extra-curricular activities, and more work by Saturday, I’m usually beat. Crowding the weekends with activities create a nice distraction too, but some weekends are just for taking it easy. In fact, my preferred past time, is actually curling up on the couch and getting […]

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Friday Favorites! First Weekend 2018

Bringing Friday Favorites into 2018! lavnatalia / Pixabay What better way to kick off the first weekend of the year, than with Friday Favorites! If you’re a newbie to the blog, then let me give you a quick run down. Friday Favorites is a list of five categories: Article Social Media Post Song/Video Product Book […]

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Blogging and the Seasonal Crunchmas

Blogmas, The Eighth Day Today is the eighth day of Blogmas for majority of bloggers participating. However if you’ve read my previous posts, this is actually my third post this month! Even though I’m struggling with being more consistent with this challenge, I refuse to quit just yet. It may sound like an excuse, but […]

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