Facing Challenges

imposter syndrome

Facing Challenges: Imposter Syndrome I think that one of the biggest blocks to my writing is Imposter Syndrome. Every day, I’m dedicated to getting at least one thing done I say. Only for that one thing, to be a pretty quote and message for my Instagram page. I don’t tumblr, or tweet as often as […]

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New Year! Ready, Set, Goals!


New Year means New Goals! I know talked briefly about having a vision for 2018. However, I didn’t actually tell you WHAT some of my goals actually ARE for the new year. One thing that I learned last year, when setting goals is to be SPECIFIC. For me that specificity requires breaking my goals down […]

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Day 8: Accepting Help from Others

  Day 8 of Gratitude Challenge Today is the the 8th day of the 30 days of Thankfulness challenge. I am thankful for all the help that I have received from other people during my blogging and writing journey. Some people have provided encouraging words, others actual hands on mentoring. To show these people that […]

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30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Thankfulness It is November, and also the month that hosts America’s Thanksgiving Day. I know that it’s already into the beginning of the month, but I want to focus this month on gratitude. So I am challenging myself to 30 days of Thankfulness. For the next 30 days I am going to […]

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Inspirational Quote of the week

Inspirational Quote of the week This week’s inspirational quote comes from Sylvia Plath on creativity. As creatives we are often our biggest critic. Especially when we spend a lot of time comparing our work to someone else’s. In doing so, we invite self-doubt into our lives, and that can harm the work we do. I […]

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