• Life Style

    How to Unwind after a Stressful Day

    There are work days, and then there are stressful work days… There a some days work, is just work. Then there are other days where work is just overwhelming and too much to handle. I have days myself, where work…

  • Girl Talk

    How To Find Friends on the Same Mission As You

    What about your friends? I think there comes a time in our lives where we begin evaluating the relationships we have with others. More specifically the types of friendships we have. This often takes place during the seasons of change.…

  • Personal Development

    Emotional Spending

    My emotional spending¬†¬† ¬† I love to shop. Random shopping trips to the store for a pencil or notebook I swear I need. Or some candles, because I just love scented candles now. However, there is no shopping that I…

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